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For your good and ours

It’s a dangerous  sport

Terms & Conditions

A few things to take note of.

For both your safety and ours, we need to lay out our terms and conditions.


Make sure you’re covered

Huntshoek Safaris, its owners, managers and staff will not be held responsible and /or liable for any losses and /or damages and /or injuries incurred while on safari and /or visit with Huntshoek Safaris.

Clients / guests are to ensure that appropriate medical, accident, travel insurance is arranged before arriving at Huntshoek Safaris and during their time with Huntshoek Safaris.


happy travels

All air and /or road travel arrangements before start and end of your safari is the responsibility of the client.

Huntshoek will not be held liable for any untimely delays, in airline reservations, airline problems, weather or any other unforeseen events in travel.

Huntshoek Safaris will attempt to assist where possible, should such assistance be required and to assist our valued client/guest to enjoy their South African experience until the last day.

Reservations & Payments

money matters

Safaris/holiday reservation dates will not be confirmed until full deposit of 60% of total cost of package, trip, safari has been received by Huntshoek Safaris.

Balance (40%) of reservation and / or any other per-arranged rates will be payable upon arrival.

All payments must be done in cash or by travellers cheques.

All bank charges and or fees applicable upon refund of deposit will be deducted from the deposit in favour of Huntshoek Safaris.

All prices/rates are quoted in USD, unless otherwise stated and agreed.

Payment in approved foreign currency will be accepted at the rate of exchange applied by bankers of Huntshoek Safaris at the time of receipt of payment.

Cancellation Policy

life happens

Written cancellation must be received no less than 90 days prior commencement of trip, in order to receive FULL refund of deposit paid.

Substitute hunters will be accepted only with the consent of Huntshoek Safaris, provided that such arrangements are confirmed no less than 30 days prior to arrival.

NO refund of deposits will be made should cancellations not comply with the above conditions.

Huntshoek Safaris reserves the right to deal with each cancellation, as it presents and reserves the right to decide the course of action Huntshoek Safaris will take on each cancellation as they see fit.

Full deposits can be carried forward for a safari/trip at a later date, however prices / rates will be subject to change and will be applicable to any re-booking of safari/trip.


good advice

Our professional hunters adhere to the strictest rules and highest ethics, and will resume full control whilst hunting.

Clients are required to adhere to all rules & regulations set out by our professional hunters, and follow advice where necessary.

We would appreciate that our professional hunters are treated with utmost respect as they will ensure that your hunt is without incident and ensure your safety.

Should you feel that your professional hunter is in anyway unprofessional or has not performed ethically, management to be advised hereof and we will do everything in our power to solve this problem.

We have high conservation & hunting ethics and we would appreciate if our clients show the same respect.


our priority

NO alcohol may be consumed before or while hunting. The professional hunter & Huntshoek Safaris reserve the right to dis-allow any client that appears to be unfit from hunting and handling a firearm.

Huntshoek Safaris take the safety of our clients and guests very serious and will not tolerate any actions by the hunter that would put the safety of our staff and fellow hunters in danger.

Firearms safety is a priority and professional hunters will advise on safety measures required.

Firearms shall be loaded and unloaded on the instructions of the professional hunter only.

All firearms shall be unloaded, on safety and pointed down towards floor of vehicle while driving.

All firearms shall be unloaded and magazines emptied prior to entering any building, room & lodge.

Safe keeping stations are to be utilised whilst not hunting and professional hunters will advise of procedures.




Trophy fees are charged on animals bagged or wounded.

A wounded animal is deemed such, if any blood is found no matter how little, and will be considered a hit and will be paid for.

Professional hunters will take utmost care with shot placement to ensure that the client leaves with all their trophies.

Every effort will be made to recover any wounded animals during or after your hunt.

Should a wounded animal be recovered at a later stage after your trip, the trophy will remain the property of the hunter.


the prize

Huntshoek Safaris assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages or loss to trophies once the clients trophies have been collected or delivered to the appropriate taxidermy or shipping agent.

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