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Getting ready for your adventure
things to consider

General Information

Planning your hunting trip to South Africa

Clients / guests will fly into South Africa via 2 ports of entry, Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, or Cape Town International airport in Cape Town. From here you will have to book a connecting flight to either Port Elizabeth or East London airports. Huntshoek Safaris is situated 1/2 way between these two airports and clients/guests can be collected from either.

Port Elizabeth & East London airports are approximately 1 1/2 hours drive from Huntshoek Safaris.

Huntshoek Safaris will collect & drop off at airports.

Travel Documents
the paperwork

Don’t let the paperwork stop you, make sure you have read through the list below of required documents:

  • Passport valid for at least 90 days or more – ensure passport is valid at 30 days after your intended stay.
  • Airtickets & confirmed reservations.
  • Visa – if required ( visit the SouthAfrican department of Home Affairs – www.home-affairs.gov.za for information).
  • 2 x copies of passport, air tickets and visa (if applicable).
  • Personal cheques, travellers cheques, credit cards and some cash for minor expenses.
  • US Customs form number 4457 (only applicable to US travellers).
  • Tempory firearm import form – SAP520.
  • Letter motivating tempory import of your firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes.
  • Letter of motivation from the safari outfitter as well as safari outfitter’s contact details.
  • Medical Insurance information & proof of existing medical insurance policy (ensure that medical policy covers you outside your home country’s borders).
  • Proof of travel insurance – copy of SOS emergency coverage with contact details.

Visit www.riflepermits.com for assistance with importing & exporting permits on all firearms.

Firearms & Ammunition
make sure you comply

SAP520 form to be completed (US citizens custom decleration form 4457)

Complete form in BLACK ink

Form must remain unsigned until the form is finalized in front of police officer issuing the actual permit

Please note that all sections of the form apply

Hunting visitors should concentrate on filling in the following:

  • Section D – (temporary import or export permit)
  • Section E : 1 – 25,4
  • Section G
  • Section I: Must fill in all details required
  • Section J: Remember do not sign until in front of police officer at firearm office

Proof of firearm license, documentary proof etc

Documentry proof of export from the country of origin

Invitation letter from the hunting outfitter which should be on company letterhead

Contain full address, contact details.

Location where hunting will take place.

Confirmation of animals to be hunted & confirming calibre of firearms required.

Note: Firearms will be physically inspected to ensure the serial numbers match licenses.

Ammunition will be inspected.

Rifles of the same calibre are NOT allowed

Weapons NOT allowed:

  • Fully automatic
  • Semi automatic
  • Handguns for self defence
  • Weapons in military category
  • No more than 200 rounds per rifle

Visit www.saps.gov.za for more information

Clearing Customs
be legal

Clear passport control in the terminal your flight arrives.

Proceed to baggage claim, collect your general baggage.

Proceed to Airline Help Desk to collect firearms from airlines company & sign receipt.

Proceed to the SA Police Firearm office, you might need to be escorted.

Do not proceed to customs office prior to Police Office.

On receipt of the temporary import permit from the SAP Firearm office, now proceed to customs (red zone) where you will declare firearms & complete custom clearance.

Please ensure sufficient time allowed to go through the temporary importation process and clear customs in order not to be delayed or late for connection flights – allow at least 3 hours, and up to 5 hours during peak hunting seasons – ie May -August.

In Transit Passengers

It is critical to check with and confirm with the connecting airline procedures for transfer of firearm baggage.

If the airline does transfer your baggage/firearms, and you have booked them through to the final destination and you stay in the in-transit area and do not clear SA customs, then you need to go through the temporary import process.

If the connecting airline company will not transfer your baggage/firearms to your connecting flight then your baggage must be collected and proceed through the entire entry process, in this case the SA limitations, requirements will apply.

The above also applies if you overnighting in SA before flying on to your country of destination.

What To Pack
make sure you’ve got it

For the hunters:

Clothing: (colours preferred khaki/green or camo)

Safari type cotton pants or denims.

Hunting shirts.

Lightweight hunting jacket.

Heavy warm jacket during June – August (winter months).

Hat/cap (we also have stock).

Underwear / socks / belt.

Lightweight hunting boots (preferably well worn in).

Rain gear.

Safari vest (optional).

Laundry is done daily at our lodges.

Non-hunters/family memebers:

  • Comfortable pants/shorts
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Warm jacket
  • Underwear
  • Shirts/t-shirts
  • Sleeveless jacket for not so hot/cold days.
  • Medication:
    • Personal medication
    • Prescription glasses
    • our area is malaria free


  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Folding knife
  • Rifle Shell holder
  • Sun glasses & Sunscreen
  • Camera & batteries
  • Binoculars
  • Converter 120V – 220V


Vehicle HIRE
on the road

Please note that we have an in-house vehicle hire facility, should your require a vehicle to explore our beautiful country further.

Please enquire about this facility when planning your trip to South Africa.

Vacation Rentals
explore South Africa

We have access to accommodation facilities where our visitors can stay should they want to stay longer in our beautiful country.

We have accommodation all along the coast from East London to Cape Town.

Please enquire about this when planning your trip.

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