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Is it safe to travel in South Africa
Yes, like any other destination isolated incidents do happen.
Do I need any special medical precautions?
No we are situated in a malaria and yellow fever free area, only bring your personal medical needs. We have excellent medical facilities within 30 minutes to 1 hour of Huntshoek Safaris.
Do you have poisonous snakes?
Yes, but they are hibernating during the winter months (hunting season) and it is extremely rare to even see one.
Is the water safe to drink?
Yes, the water conforms to governments standards, and we also supply approved & tested bottled water.
Should I change foreign currency on entering the country?
Yes, you will need some cash for tips and small personal items, otherwise credit card facilities are widely available.
What are the weather conditions like?
We experience very hot weather during summer months temp can sore to 35 degrees Celsius(95F) during winter months, days are moderate with cold evenings and early mornings ave – 20 degrees Celsius (68F). Weather in our part of the country can be defined as moderate.
How do I get my trophies home?
We will provide details of reliable references. During your trip we can arrange a visit to one of the taxidermist to check quality of their work.
Do we eat the game we shoot?
Yes, all game can be prepared in many different delicious ways. However other meats, lamb, beef, pork, chicken & fish are also served. We cater for your needs!
What other activities are there, for my family/wife?
We are situated in a rich historical, cultural area and we can arrange historical tours to towns close by and we are 1 hour away from some pristine seaside towns.
What do staff/guides get tipped?
This is a personal decision, but feel free to consult management or the professional hunter for guidance.
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